Veteran Turend Author Gets Even With the Army

Announcement of the recent publication of Army Daze, a collection of memoirs of a US Army veteran who served in cold-war Germany from 1957-1959 highlighting the lifelong benefits and rewards of military service. As a result, this book does more for positively impacting Americans' attitudes toward the draft, the army and the US military than any government issued literature ever could.

Doing Politics Online: eDemocracy and young people

The Hansard Society and VoxPolitics are holding an innovative public meeting bringing together young people, parliamentarians and experts in eDemocracy and Citizenship to examine young people’s use of the internet to engage in politics and political debate.

Audit shows that public is frustrated in desire to have a say

A new report published today shows that whilst most people have a strong aspiration to have a say in how the country is run, many doubt that political participation is the best way to do so. According to The Electoral Commission and Hansard Society’s second annual Audit of political engagement, two-thirds of the public (67%) want to have a say in how the country is run, but only 27% at the moment feel that they do have a say.

SSDC Introduce Stealth Tax Licensing Fees

Licence Fee increases following the SSDC meeting on Friday 18 February 2005 were today criticised by Ian Jenkins, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Yeovil Constituency, as grossly excessive and wholly disproportionate to any cost increases likely to be incurred by the Council.