Seminar on Patents for Inventors: The Strategic Inventor

BananaIP (BIP) Counsels, a leading Patent Law Firm in India, is organizing a unique seminar on patents for corporate inventors on 22nd September, 2017, at Bangalore, India. Entitled “The Strategic Inventor,” the seminar is a first of its kind program to help companies generate business and competitive value driven Patents from their inventors. The program is aimed at helping corporate inventors create patentable and risk free inventions that address a company's business goals, and further its competitive value in the marketplace.

15 years old girl gets away even when responsible in death of 23 years old man!

The 15 years old girl Lara Nassif made a contract with a hitman and got a 23 years old man murdered. The more surprising thing is that none of her family until now knows anything about what she is doing as well as she is not even living in the same country as the victim and she made the contract online. Whoever hears about it does not believe it due to her age and so does the police, they don't believe it too and just ignored the case. And she did not get arrested or at least her parents to get arrested due to what she is doing. This is unfair!

The best bed to go for; the Nexera twin sleigh bed

Having gone through the rigors of the day, one of the first things that you want to do is to lie down and shake off the tiredness of the day. This however means that you would have to get a nice and convenient bed to make this a reality. You must therefore seek out the best and available bed so that your “rest cycle” would indeed be complete. Just in case you are still stuck in complaints on what type of bed to get for yourself, then you probably need to know about the nexera twin sleigh bed.

How to Avoid a Holiday DUI

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