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  • Global Drug and Gene Delivery Systems Market Share, Volume, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017-2025

    Drug delivery includes formulations, technologies, methods, and systems used for transferring an active pharmaceutical ingredient into the body as desired, in order to safely accomplish its therapeutic effect. Gene delivery is a procedure employed to introduce foreign DNA into host cells. Rising prevalence of chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes is increasing the demand for drug and gene delivery systems.

    (Filed: Tue Apr 23 2019)
  • Inaugural Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway Awards (CRTA) launches National Nominations

    In the quest, Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway Awards - CRTA will engage with hundreds of customers and thousands of restaurants via technology partner and a national marketing campaign, giving the public a voice to nominate their favourite Chinese restaurant and takeaways, when they share the consumer experience across the marketplace.

    (Filed: Thu Nov 29 2018)
  • Engage in Learning becomes a Learning Now TV Channel Partner

    Engage in Learning, the provider of a complete solution to meet every e-learning need, has joined a growing band of key organisations in the learning and development (L&D) sector by becoming a channel partner of Learning Now TV.

    (Filed: Wed Aug 01 2018)
  • NZ Press Council: Column on Maori was ‘Mean, Malicious & Infantile’

    The National Business Review, a weekly New Zealand newspaper, published a column that was “mean, malicious and infantile,” the New Zealand Press Council ruled. The column, by former politician and writer Sir Bob Jones, called for a Maori Gratitude Day instead of Waitangi Day.

    (Filed: Mon Apr 09 2018)
  • Oceanside businessman eyes public office

    Oceanside business owner and resident Juan Vides announced his intention to seek public office at the Five Towns Hispanic Association meeting on Nov. 22.

    (Filed: Sat Mar 17 2018)
  • Once I Was Blind But Now I See

    This is a new book written by Charles Piccirilli that is changing the lives of its readers.

    Company: Spiritu Sancto Press, LLC
    (Filed: Mon Nov 06 2017)
  • Press Release


    (Filed: Thu Nov 02 2017)
  • Importance Of SEO Services For Marketing Activities Of Businesses In Sri Lanka With EQLankaSEO

    Like in other parts of the world, everything is going digital in Sri Lanka. Although traditional marketing strategies still prevail there is a clear shift in preference seen among consumers in this country as well. As a business looking at spreading your wings in these lucrative market conditions, you should therefore step up your game by identifying the various Digital Marketing strategies that will help your business grow and flourish in a sustainable manner.

    Company: EQ Lanka SEO
    (Filed: Wed Oct 25 2017)
  • How Hindi News is Important in our Daily Lives?

    With a large chunk of our country’s population still unaware about speaking or understanding the Queen’s language, communicating in Hindi is the most preferred choice and option, for them.

    Company: TeamBakchod
    (Filed: Fri Oct 06 2017)
  • Change and Turn Your Life and Career into Success

    There is great need of young and talented politician for the growth and development of any country in the development of the country, Corporate Leaders are playing very vital role in the development of the society and country too. Accurate Prediction by Dr Neetu in the different field as following-

    Company: Jyotish Shodh Sansthan
    (Filed: Mon Sep 25 2017)
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