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    YooMedia, the AIM-listed interactive media, gaming and mobile entertainment group, has announced that it is piloting the first digital television format for Tringo, the worldwide gaming craze that is a hybrid of bingo and tetris, and which first appeared in the virtual reality world of
    Company: YooMedia
    (Filed: Tue Jan 30 2007)
  • Death sentence for 72 Horses * Amended
    An elderly Essex couple are holding a peaceful demonstration with Angel the horse and Star the donkey outside the Tesco Head Office on Monday 29th Jan at 12 o'clock.
    Company: MAD Promotions
    (Filed: Fri Jan 26 2007)
  • A Writing Service For IT Healthcare Companies
    Two journalists have started a company to provide to healthcare information technology companies marketing materials such as case studies, white papers, articles, blogs and other materials.
    Company: Featherly-Jossi
    (Filed: Thu Jan 25 2007)
    YooMedia plc, the AIM-listed interactive media, gaming and mobile entertainment group, which owns two of the leading brands in the UK’s lucrative dating market – Dateline and Avenues – is set to shake the market up with the launch a new free, fully functioning online dating service.
    Company: Yoomedia
    (Filed: Tue Jan 23 2007)
  • ~ Missing Branson Perry Press Release  
    All eyes are on eastern Missouri as the families of Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck celebrate the return of their sons. The amazing discovery that both boys were alive, and in particular Shawn, who had been missing since October of 2002, brings hope to other families of the missing.
    (Filed: Tue Jan 23 2007)
  • Directing Your First Feature
    Raindance student, ex-Raindance Director-in-Residence and writer/director Simon Hunter returns to Raindance to present this popular course. Simon has just completed his second feature film, THE MUTANT CHRONICLES, starring John Malkovich and Thomas Jane. This film is the most ambitious special effects movie ever attempted in Europe - the editing alone is taking an entire year. Simon will explain to you the principles of directing your first feature and how to deal with the hurdles at every step of the way: from development executives, producers, financers, to post-production, festivals and marketing.
    Company: Raindance
    (Filed: Thu Jan 18 2007)
    Salt Lake magazine announces the biggest Dining Awards issue ever, featuring a 14-page spread that’s your essential guide to gustatory delights across the state and recognizes the state’s best chefs and restaurateurs as they raise their culinary crafts to new heights. The Awards—the plates proudly displayed in the state’s finest establishments—are an important standard for culinary achievement in Utah and the recipients are announced at the official Dining Awards event.
    Company: Salt Lake Magazine
    (Filed: Thu Jan 18 2007)
  • A New Content Provider for Healthcare IT Companies
    Two journalists have started a company to provide healthcare IT companies with case studies, white papers, articles, brochures, speeches and other marketing materials.
    Company: Featherly Jossi
    (Filed: Wed Jan 17 2007)
  • is back on-stage! makes a stylish difference. is back on-stage, presenting a new style that clicks right through to your heart.
    (Filed: Tue Jan 16 2007)
  • Grand Opening of Scientology Church in Berlin Draws Thousands
    The Church of Scientology of Berlin opened its new home today in Charlottenburg to over 5000 church members (including Academy Award nominated actress Anne Archer and Jazz legend Chick Corea), government officials and community leaders, with an invitation to all Berliners to find out about Scientology for themselves.
    Company: Church of Scientology International
    (Filed: Sun Jan 14 2007)
  • Nurses Find Media Image Needs Intensive Care
    The Center for Nursing Advocacy has announced its fourth "Golden Lamp Awards," the group's annual list of the best and worst media portrayals of nurses. The 2006 list includes a range of media from all over the world.
    Company: The Center for Nursing Advocacy
    (Filed: Wed Jan 10 2007)
  • Housing Predictor Forecasts Major Price Drop
    Housing prices will fall an average of 4.2% across the U.S. in 2007, according to forecasts from Housing, an information driven website, which provides real estate market forecasts for local markets in all 50 U.S. States.
    (Filed: Thu Jan 04 2007)
  • Radio Station For Cats Audience Number Reaches 2.6 Million
    Cat Galaxy, the internet radio station for cats has reached 2.6 million in audience numbers clearly showing that felines have let their humans know which audio source they prefer when listening to music
    Company: Cat Galaxy
    (Filed: Thu Jan 04 2007)
  • The Guardian Exposes Indian Guru, Sai Baba
    Following major media in several countries, The Guardian newspaper, one of the world's leading newspapers, has further exposed Sathya Sai Baba (pron. satya si bubba). Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) has now broken an almost total Indian media silence on information adverse to India's most famous and powerful guru.
    (Filed: Fri Dec 29 2006)
  • Radio Station For Cats Sets 1 Day Record
    Cat Galaxy, the radio station for cats set a 1 day visitor record on its web site showing that more and more cats are choosing them as their listening choice.
    Company: Cat Galaxy
    (Filed: Thu Dec 28 2006)
  • Radio Station For Cats Passes 2 Million Mark
    Cat Galaxy, the internet radio station for cats has passed the 2 million audience mark allowing it to become an even greater voice in the cat rescue community
    Company: Cat Galaxy
    (Filed: Tue Dec 26 2006)
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