Conservationists Rally for Smuggled Orangutans

Other demonstrations have recently been held by supporters of the campaign in the Hague, Brussels, <a href="">Paris</a>, <a href=";Berlin.php">Berlin</a> and <a href="">Madrid</a>. Organisations supporting the campaign include the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, International Primate Protection League, the Ape Alliance, the United Nations Environment Programme’s Great Ape Survival Project, ProFauna, and Wildlife Friends of Thailand

The Case For Remaining A Private Company

One of the most celebrated events in American business is the initial public offering (IPO). Many see it as a transforming event that ensures a company’s long-term survival, signifies an arrival into the business big leagues, and creates wealth - sometimes almost unbelievable wealth. Currently, in the U.S., there are approximately 17,000 public companies. So, why would a company actually choose to remain a private company? & Mocha Works, Marketing Inspire Women to Control their Own Destiny – Offline & Online

After receiving the MW Letter [Mocha Work’s business online newsletter] for several months, founder, poet and journalist, Tachelle ‘Shamash’ Wilkes, reached out to Danny to conduct an interview. Tachelle’s done interviews with Jam Master Jay (rest in peace), female producer & DJ, Ayana Soyini, and many other independent entertainers from the United States to the United Kingdom. Both companies believe that women need platforms to showcase their work and struggles and inspiration to keep moving forward.


Effem Thailand, a leading manufacturer of quality pet foods including Pedigree®, has continued its commitment to improving the quality of life for pets by recently donating 5,000 kg of Pedigree® dry dog food to help feed dogs living at the Animal Quarantine Station in Nakorn Phanom, Nong Kai and Mukdaharn.