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  • Santé Mer International Symposium to be held in Normandy


    The Santé Mer International Symposium will be held in Granville (in Lower Normandy, north-western France) for the fourth time on 4–5 October 2007. The event will bring together scientists, manufacturers and producers involved in the development of animal and vegetal marine resources. Ireland will be the 2007 event’s guest of honour.

    Company: FTPB
    (Filed: Wed Sep 19 2007)
  • Tribe of Hungarian Origin Discovered in Africa


    Anthropologists of the Geneva-based Africa Research Institute (ARI) discovered an unknown tribe in the Mid-African Democratic Republic of Congo. The tribe presumably originates from the Magyarabs living at the border of Egypt and Sudan since the 16th century.

    Company: Africa Research Institute (ARI)
    (Filed: Tue May 01 2007)
  • Researchers Still Searching for Cure to Hearing Loss


    Researchers at Stanford University recently announced an extensive study targeted at finding a cure for deafness and hearing loss. But, the search may take decades. In the meantime, the number of those suffering from hearing loss is expected to nearly double over the next 40 years— from 31 million Americans today to nearly 50 million by 2050.

    Company: Howard, Merrell & Partners
    (Filed: Wed Mar 28 2007)
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