The Unique Philosophy of Michael Levy

From: Point of Life
Published: Mon Feb 21 2005

Despite living in a house in Manchester UK with no running hot water and an outside toilet for nineteen years, Michael bought his first Rolls Royce's aged twenty-eight.

Despite having weak genes and a family history of heart attacks and cancer, Michael (sixty next month) lives in perfect health in Florida USA after retiring from the business world aged 46 ... The only times he visits doctors are the ones he is friendly with, who are having treatment for their own diseases in hospital.

Despite all the worlds worries and woes, Michael lives in a joyful state of mind twenty-four hours a day, every day. His philosophy works without the help of academic experts who seem to find difficulties in their own lives?

Despite leaving school at sixteen, Michael's articles and poetry are published all over the world and his web site is---- Rated Number One out of three million on a search of "Inspirational Books" in Google's search engine.

At this moment he has several papers being considered for publication by leading academic organization in the UK and has already been published four times by the Royal Academy of Psychiatry in London.

They say the best way to prove your critics wrong is to live well.... Is he worth interviewing?... So well .... Is he worth a few minutes of your time?

"You can bend it and twist it ... You can misuse and abuse it...But even God cannot change ... The Truth."_Michael Levy.

Michael Levy.
Author, Poet, Philosopher.
Service With A Smile.
P O Box 7 3032 East Commercial Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale
Florida 33303

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