Radio Station For Cats Preparing To Launch Feline Spay.Neuter & TNR Campaign

From: Cat Galaxy
Published: Thu Sep 14 2006

Cats and humans alike may soon be hearing audio messages on the famed radio station for felines convincing them that spaying and neutering is the "cool thing to do" and that TNR (trap, neuter and return) of feral cats is "what’s in and not out". It is all a part of a new audio campaign that Cat Galaxy, is preparing to broadcast on their radio station promoting TNR and the benefits of spaying and neutering in an effort to prevent many feral (and non-feral) cats from being euthanized as a way to deal with feline overpopulation.

"The problem was created by humans who fail to spay and neuter their animals. The cats should not be punished because of our irresponsibility nor should they be killed because of it. Cat Galaxy is launching this audio campaign in order to educate humans that spaying and neutering their cats is the best way to go for both the health of their animal and also holds the key to ending feline overpopulation," said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy.

This is not the first time the station has taken this position. Cat Galaxy broadcasted two of its largest live shows this year, Crazy About Cats & Code Red Cats which not only promoted spaying and neutering but also TNR of feral cats. While some people got the message it appears others haven't. Nonetheless, the station is determined to get the message out there that even when it comes to feral cats, TNR is the best way to deal with the situation.

"It seems some people think that by having the cats trapped and then taken to a shelter to be euthanized, or having them moved to another location, that it will solve the problem, it doesn't. If you move or kill the feral cats in your area, others are sure to come in and take their place, making it a never-ending cycle. Euthanasia is also the most expensive and least effective way to handle the issue. If you have the cats sterilized and then returned to their environment it keeps their numbers in check and is also the most cost-effective way to deal with the situation," Rosen points out.

There have been attacks on feral cat colonies recently with some people actually shooting or killing the cats. Meanwhile, some cities and towns in the United States have decided to deal with the issue by establishing ordinances and laws making it illegal for people to feed feral cats and fining those that do. Cat Galaxy is hoping to let the public know that this is also not the answer.

"Starving out the feral colonies or shooting the cats is not only cruel but also inhumane. These cats do have a right to survival and should not be punished because some humans fail to spay and neuter their animals.TNR programs have proven themselves as being the most effective tool in dealing with the problem. These cats also rely on caretakers to provide food and water for them. Feral cats are not the destructive force some have made them out to be. Humans have done more to destroy the environment around them than feral cats have. It's time to stop blaming the cats for a human-caused problem. By employing TNR programs in cities around the globe, we not only can control the numbers of feral cats being born but also prove we can co-exist with the ones that have already been spayed and neutered. This can be a win-win situation for both human and feline," Rosen further stated.

Rosen also added that by supporting animal rescue organizations that do have TNR and low/cost spay/neuter programs available, humans can make a difference. The problem is some people are reluctant to donate money to feral cat rescues because these are not animals you can hold or touch. Other people fear that by having their own cats spayed or neutered they are taking away their right to breed and in some way harming them. Cat Galaxy is hoping to change a few minds with the PSA campaign.

The station also hopes that when people hear the PSA's, they'll think about their own cats, and have them spayed or neutered. By simply spending a few dollars to have this procedure done, they prevent unwanted litters from being born and also more feral cat colonies from being created. Spaying and neutering also helps alleviate the pressure of rescues having to deal with caring for so many cats and kittens that flood the shelters every year. The Arizona Humane Society was one such organization that saw a large influx of cats during this year's cat and kitten season. They took in a record breaking number of 850 cats and kittens per week, with most of them being the result of unwanted litters.

"This was one of the worst cat and kitten seasons on record. We talked with plenty of rescues besides the AHS who also had to deal with large numbers of animals being brought into their shelters, simply because many people fail to have them spayed or neutered. This not only drains the rescue’s resources but also makes it more difficult for cats already waiting to be adopted to get placed into good and loving homes. We hope these PSA's we intend on broadcasting will encourage people who listen to the station with their cats to get involved by supporting their local animal rescue groups and spreading the message of spay/neuter," Rosen says.

Cat Galaxy is also encouraging rescue organizations to submit their own PSA's to the station promoting spay/neuter and TNR and also providing the space to air these messages. The station encourages other members of the media get involved as well.

"Being a radio station for cats, Cat Galaxy is the perfect place to start airing these announcements. Maybe other radio stations will carry the message on the benefits of spaying & neutering as well as TNR. We hope other members of the media will get involved and help us get the word out about this campaign. The more who know about it, the better," Rosen added.

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