Radio Station For Cats Is Back Online After System Outage

From: Cat Galaxy
Published: Thu Sep 28 2006

Cat Galaxy, the radio station for cats is now back online after a computer operating system update caused a conflict with the audio software the station uses to broadcast. The issue forced the station to shut down it's live broadcasts and autoplay while the issue was being resolved.

"This problem caused a bit of a headache around here but we were able to fix the problem. We also had to restore the computer system we use to broadcast, as well as the audio programs we use to produce our podcasts. Things are purring along nicely now but we are keeping our eye on things," said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy.

The station went back online late Wednesday night after some routine maintenance was performed so that the incident does not occur again.

"Even a station such as ours can suffer an outage. Unfortunately, this affected our programming for at least a week which caused some hissing around here. At least now the cats can meow in happiness knowing we are now back online and broadcasting, but there is nothing worse than an upset feline," Rosen said.

With the computer issue now behind them, Cat Galaxy is back on track with the upcoming audio campaign to promote feline spay/neuter and the trap, neuter return (TNR) policy for feral cats which Cat Galaxy hopes will educate plenty of humans out there. However, the campaign's launch could have been slowed down if the system had crashed but the staff is looking on the positive side of things.

"This problem could have been much worse, but much like a cat's true nature we were determined to get past this and press on. The station is now operating at 100% and our shows will continue to broadcast to all the cats out there, but we may have used up one of our nine lives in this situation," Rosen jokingly added.

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