Yearly Psychic Predictions Tested By Online Wiki Community

From: The High Weirdness Project
Published: Wed Dec 13 2006

The High Weirdness Project, a SubGenius wiki-based online community, is compiling a public listing of psychic predictions being made for the year 2007.

Every year, a large number of psychics and other paranormal evangelists issue predictions for the coming year, with an emphasis on the usual topics: wars, politicians, celebrities, sports, weather, and occasional environmental events. These predictions usually involve catastrophic events: earthquakes, hurricanes, celebrity divorces, wars, diseases, and similar events. These predictions are boldly made at the beginning of the year; however, by the time the year ends, these predictions have often been forgotten or ignored, and the public eye rarely focuses on which of these predictions actually came true.

Therefore, the High Weirdness Project will be keeping a log of psychic predictions, one that can easily be examined when 2007 comes to a close (and the predictions for 2008 are beginning). This log will allow readers to determine if any particular predictions for 2007 turn out to be accurate -- or if nothing happens, and the ones making the predictions end up with egg on their faces.

Reverend Modemac, the administrator of the High Weirdness Project, is looking for official documented "predictions" from psychics, clairvoyants, mediums (media?), soothsayers, spiritual advisers, fortune tellers, and anyone in the business of predicting the future based on their own supposed psychic and supernatural abilities. Officially declared and published predictions include announcements on Web sites and blogs, press releases, newspaper and TV articles, tabloid publications (in the United States, Great Britain, and other countries), and other readily accessible media. Subscription-based and pay-only sites will not be included: predictions must be made available to the general public for free. (We also refuse to pay money to subscribe to a site or service in order to receive psychic predictions.)

Links and references to published psychic predictions will be included in the project's Bulldada Newsblog, which is updated daily. All readers of, and participants in, the High Weirdness Project are encouraged to use the site's Submit A News Link and Submit a Web Site forms to inform the community of any media reports of psychic predictions for 2007, to be added to this ongoing project.

The High Weirdness Project does not offer a prize of any sort for any psychic predictions that may come true in 2007. Our goal is simply to catalog and record psychic predictions for the year 2007, in an attempt to see if any of these predictions turn out to be accurate. This is being done as a public service – and also, to provide readers of this site with some entertaining fodder for conversation, mockery, and laughs.

The project includes an RSS feed that is constantly updated. Subscriptions are free, and the Web site for the newsblog does not contain intrusive advertising. The URL for the RSS feed is:

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