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Published: Wed Oct 29 2008

Robert Sorenson and David Beckstrand today announced the launch of their new website, Frustrated with the media's one-sided mockery during this presidential campaign of the principles our founding fathers fought for inspired this site to remind Americans to remember the values that make this country great.

Watching repeated attacks by the media against Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin, Sorenson and Beckstrand noted Palin's fearless commitment to change in the face of scrutiny and ridicule and liken her to our fearless and committed leaders, past and present.

"One of the best examples of being fearless is Sarah Palin who allows the media to torture her and her family relentlessly but still maintains her quest for change," said Bob Sorensen.

The goal of is to provide an opportunity for Americans to band together and stand in defense of God, family, country and freedom.

"For many years now, the ebb and flow of our societal norms has caused us to forget what made America great. We must remember the principles and concepts this great country was founded on and do everything we can to change fearlessly back to the course our forefathers set for our inheritance," said Dave Beckstrand. will cite examples of great leaders of our past, both Republican and Democrat, to remind us of the foundation our country was built upon. The site reminds us that true change happens when we fearlessly improve ourselves and our relationships with God, Family and Country.

Visitors to will be able to request a Fearless4Change wristband which Beckstrand says, "is to remind us that we are a "band" of brothers and sisters; modern day freedom fighters and fellow Americans from all walks of life that share common values including love of God, Family, Country and Freedom…that we will do what is right regardless of circumstances as we stand fearlessly for change."

Fearless4Change is available online at For more information please contact Media Contact, Jack Brian, 801-473-9174 Jack@powerstrategies.TV.
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