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  • Beach restoration remains on schedule for Hillsboro Beach

    January 2010 renourishment in Town of Hillsboro Beach will result in a beach stretching approximately 40 yards farther eastward toward the Atlantic. PEMs installed earlier, in 2008 by EcoShore Int’l, Inc., has resulted in a gain in sand where sand used to disappear due to erosion.

    Company: the Adler Network, inc.
    (Filed: Tue Aug 04 2009)
  • Sellwholesalehouses.com Launches Bidforeclosurehouses.com

    Sellwholesalehouses.com, a leading property wholesaler in the Phoenix area, is now offering a foreclosure bidding service. They also offer foreclosure education for people looking to acquire foreclosure properties.

    Company: SellWholesaleHouses.com
    (Filed: Wed Jul 29 2009)
  • API’s Newest Lease Purchase Home Is Now Available!

    Alliance Property Investment LLC is a premier name in the arena of lease purchase programs. The lease option program offered by them has proved to be an attractive option for individuals who have incurred a financial hardship and are in need of a little time to rebuild their credit.

    Company: Jason Fetrow
    (Filed: Fri Jul 24 2009)
  • SilverDoor joins Twitter

    SilverDoor now has its own page on Twitter - LoveSilverDoor

    Company: SilverDoor
    (Filed: Tue Jul 14 2009)
  • UK prices 'will rise by next year'

    New research has found that confidence in the UK housing market is continuing to recover, with the majority of people thinking that prices will rise over the coming year – and with mortgage approvals a third higher than they were at the start of the year, the signs are pointing to a market recovery…

    Company: TheMoveChannel.com
    (Filed: Tue Jun 30 2009)
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